Thursday, March 24, 2011


Sorry for the lack of updates. I got a virus on my computer, and only just got everything sorted out and working again. The computer guy at the college is fantastic!

So, a sort of quick update:

I'm over being sick (yay!) and it seems to have mostly run its course through everyone else.

The term is quickly coming to an end, and things are getting really hectic. We have our last day of studio time April 11th, so that's really soon! I'm working hard to get everything done, and hopefully it'll end up going smoothly.

My pinhole camera that I posted about earlier stopped working :(   I really don't know why - neither me nor my teacher can figure out what's wrong with it. So I turned back to my first camera, and have been taking photos with that. It seems to be working, which is good.

I don't know if I've posted about this before, but weekend after next we're going to Charleville Castle... and it's supposedly haunted. It's going to be just our group, and we get just about full run of the castle from Saturday noon-ish until Sunday afternoon!!! We have to have an art project planned for our time in the castle, and I'm working on sewing a dress from the 1820s (when the castle was built), to wear in the castle and take photos of. I'll do a post with more details on the dress when I'm closer to finishing it (hopefully soon!)

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