Thursday, March 3, 2011

Early Christian Sites

The Friday before our Berlin trip, we went around to a bunch of Celtic and early Christian sites. Unfortunately, the weather was horrible, so we didn't go everywhere, and didn't stay outside long at most of the sites. I did get a few pictures of some nice stone carvings, though.

The remains of an old round tower in a graveyard.

This is a devil stone - a carved stone in the doorway of a church, as a sort of ward against evil. You can see it if you look at it sideways - the head is to the left, and it's on its stomach.

A carved doorway - we think of the 12 apostles, and some extra animals.

The rest are just details of cool carvings around the doorway.

Except for this one, which is a really funny little gate that we had to go through one at a time to get onto the church grounds...

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