Saturday, November 17, 2012

Radio Silence

I just got a second job (yay!), so life has been very busy lately. I've still been making stuff, though, and have quite a few things to post about in the next few days. This post, however, is to tell you about a


A little while ago, I did an overhaul on my work, blog, and Etsy shop, and made a Facebook page. This coincided with a shop name change, to 'The Roving Hedgehog'. I realized that I have a few items I made before the name change, that are still labelled with my old name. So, they're up for grabs. I have a total of 12 handmade greeting cards - 4 sheep, 4 mushrooms, and 4 octopi. 

With each purchase between now and Thanksgiving (Nov 22), I will include (for free) two of these cards.  
(until supplies run out - so the first six purchases).

You get to pick which you want (two sheep, a sheep and a mushroom, etc). They were made with watercolors and handmade rubber stamps, and each card comes with a matching stamped envelope.

Go to my Etsy shop to browse what's there, and see if there's something you like! I have lots of hats for winter, and jewelry for holiday gifts. Enjoy!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

December movies

I don't know if this happens to anyone else, but I will go for months and months without being interested in any new movies, and then all at once there will be several that make me all jittery inside I'm so excited about them. This time around it's the first installation of The Hobbit, and the musical of Les Miserables.

There are two trailers for The Hobbit out now, but this one is my favorite. The song at 0:50 is brilliant and stirring. It promises to be another wonderful film of soaring landscapes and soundtracks. I'm only sorry that it's coming in three(!!) separate films now.... which in the long term will be wonderful, I'm sure, but right now I don't want to have to wait.

Also, I'm very excited about the cast. Bilbo Baggins is played by Martin Freeman, who is also Watson in the BBC tv series Sherlock, and is just absolutely brilliant at that. I'm looking forward to the wry humor that he brings to Watson showing up in The Hobbit (it looks like it will from the trailers). And Thorin Oakenshield. Played by Richard Armitage, who is one of my new favorite actors. He plays one of the main male characters in the miniseries North & South - and again, is just wonderful. If you are into historical dramas, this is a particularly good one, and it is available for streaming on Netflix.

I do have a few reservations about Les Miserables. I absolutely love the music, and have thoroughly enjoyed both performances that I've seen. I like the idea of having a movie musical that I can watch when I want to, rather than having to wait for the next time I can see the play. However, I'm a little worried about the cast. To be honest, I didn't know that most of them could sing, and I thought for a while that they might dub in other singers. But in this clip of behind-the-scenes, they say that not only are the actors singing their own parts, they are singing them live for the filming - at the same time as the acting, rather than pre-recording and lip-syncing. That does make me more hopeful, and either way, it's sure to be visually amazing.