Saturday, November 17, 2012

Radio Silence

I just got a second job (yay!), so life has been very busy lately. I've still been making stuff, though, and have quite a few things to post about in the next few days. This post, however, is to tell you about a


A little while ago, I did an overhaul on my work, blog, and Etsy shop, and made a Facebook page. This coincided with a shop name change, to 'The Roving Hedgehog'. I realized that I have a few items I made before the name change, that are still labelled with my old name. So, they're up for grabs. I have a total of 12 handmade greeting cards - 4 sheep, 4 mushrooms, and 4 octopi. 

With each purchase between now and Thanksgiving (Nov 22), I will include (for free) two of these cards.  
(until supplies run out - so the first six purchases).

You get to pick which you want (two sheep, a sheep and a mushroom, etc). They were made with watercolors and handmade rubber stamps, and each card comes with a matching stamped envelope.

Go to my Etsy shop to browse what's there, and see if there's something you like! I have lots of hats for winter, and jewelry for holiday gifts. Enjoy!!

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