Sunday, December 2, 2012


So apparently I have this really irritating habit of planning on doing something, and thinking about it so much that I think I have done it, only I really haven't. You know how you can have a dream that you've done something mundane but important, like calling the dentist to set up an appointment, and when you wake up you're convinced you've already done that... so you don't call the dentist, and only realize later that it was just a dream.

Yeah, it's kind of like that, except for without the dream part. Case in point: I 'previewed' a colorful scarf a while ago that I also finished a while ago, and took photos of. I thought I had posted it on my Etsy shop, and was going to write a post here saying that it was finished, and link to the page... Then I thought I'd check and make sure it was up there, and guess what? It wasn't. I had thought about it enough and planned what I'd say, etc., that I had convinced myself it had happened.

Anyway, here are the photos of the scarf (it will be up on Etsy soon - it takes so much more time to list an item than to post the images here).

It ended up being very wide and very long. As my first knitting project in a while, I'd forgotten how much wider the actual item is compared to what it looks like on the needles when you're casting on. But I really like the size of it, especially since it's such a loose knit that it scrunches around your neck really easily. The colors are difficult to capture in photos, but these together do a pretty decent job. 

More photos of things I've done recently:

I was having fun needle felting, and made a little reindeer. He reminded me a bit of Rudolph, from the 1964 version (you can watch it here). So I also made an Abominable Snowman to go with him. The Abominable Snowman doesn't stand on his own very well (see below), so I think I'll be putting a loop of yarn on top so he can be an ornament. It was fun to needle felt something larger, though. Also, his fur gave me the inspiration for Dumbledore.

So here's my pre-New Year's resolution: be better about remembering to follow up on things, especially Etsy/blog/facebook posts. Wish me luck!

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