Thursday, January 23, 2014

Viking treasure necklace

So I was recently reminded that it has been a while since my original post on the new jewelry project I'm planning. Here's an update :)

It's been slow going, mostly because of the holiday season eating up my time. I've done a fair amount of research and accumulating of images, but then I realized that a lot of the jewelry uses pearls. And most of my current bead stash is *not* pearls (or fake pearls). Also the jewelry that doesn't use pearls uses colors or styles of beads that are not part of my stash of beads (that I thought was quite large...)

I decided I had really better use at least some of the beads I already had, before going out and buying more beads specifically for a project. And there enters the Viking treasure necklace.

This is the one that I made yesterday. It follows the general idea and style of Viking treasure necklaces (more information here and here). I won't be selling this one, as it uses a couple beads I'm quite fond of, and it's a little small for over-the-head wear. Typically these would be hung between shoulder brooches on an apron dress, but I also like them worn as a modern necklace would be. 

Custom versions are available here on my Etsy shop - the idea is that you pick the length of necklace, send me your charms, special beads, etc, and I will make them into a treasure necklace for you.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New artwork

Images of some small pieces I've done/finished over the past few days:

Hermione, india ink

Little Red Riding Hood, india ink

Dumbledore, india ink

Fawn, india ink and copic marker

Reindeer, india ink and copic marker

Cardinal, india ink and copic marker

Berries, india ink and copic marker