Saturday, May 24, 2014

Farmers Market

I love outdoor farmers markets! It's been market season already here - for about a month - but today was the first Saturday that both M and I had at least the morning off work. We had been planning for a while to go and get some new plants, just as soon as we had the time.... and we might have gone a little crazy today. It was just so good to be out and seeing all the wonderful fruits and veggies, artisanal cheeses, yummy baked goods, and so much more!

We had to restock our poor pots that had been mostly empty since last summer. The right-most chive plant is from last year, and the twig in the middle pot is a bit of sage that I accidentally rooted in a glass of water, and decided to see if it will grow. All the lettuce is new, as well as the other two chives. We decided to simplify a little this year - last year we got a little over ambitious, and thought we could maybe grow basil and peppers even though we really don't get enough sun. Also, apparently chives and their relatives are supposed to help keep aphids away from lettuce, which is why everything is sharing a pot.

We also got a small succulent plant to add to my windowsill. I plan on replanting in a nicer container - but that will probably also be somewhat temporary. I've made a ceramic planter for my other succulent, and hope to make several more to have a corresponding set. Currently this little plant is sharing with a glass sea turtle that my great-aunt made :)

In addition to all the farmers selling plants, fresh produce (we bought asparagus and strawberries), and more processed foods like meats and jams (we bought delicious ginger peach jam and lemon marmalade), there was also a small row of artist/craft booths. Not a very wide selection, but there was an artist who made the most beautiful metal jewelry. Some of it was made out of coins, including these two rings that I just couldn't resist! I love how they are actually made from pennies, but you would never be able to tell without a closer look. I forgot to pick up a business card, so I don't remember the artist's name - I'll have to see if they're still there when I go back next time.

Not a new plant, but our mint has finally started growing energetically again after the winter. I'm so excited!