Sunday, February 24, 2013

Catching up

So this post is for my grandma (hi!!), who reminded me that I haven't been posting lately. I just moved, and then didn't have internet for two weeks while we waited for the tech to come set it up, but even when I was back online, I was so busy catching up on other things that I kept forgetting to work on my blog.

As a result, this is going to be a random mess of things that I've meant to share over the past month or more (i.e. I'm going through my camera and picking out photos to explain!)

Look! Rainbow eggs!!! We got them from my (other) grandmother, who got them from a friend of hers who has chickens. I knew about brown eggs, but I'd never seen a green or blue one before! Plus, all the browns were different shades. It was beautiful, and the fresh eggs were the most delicious I've ever had.

 Here are some pictures of wool roving that I used to make some wrist warmers. The roving started out like on the left, and then I teased (drafted) it out until it was longer and fluffier like on the right. Then I (carefully) used this as a yarn - as is, without spinning - to crochet with. The idea was to create something with the loft and cloudy softness that roving has (you lose a lot of it when you spin it into yarn). That part certainly worked, but they keep losing bits of fluff everywhere, so I don't think it's so good for a general idea.

Here's a very poor picture of the wire skeleton I used for a needle felted Irish Elk. For anything larger than five inches, and anything that will be standing/ needs special shaping, I start with a wire frame for support. Depending on the item, it also allows for poseability (I don't think that's a word, but I like it!) in the finished product. You just have to be careful not to hit the wire too hard with your felting needle. I also seem to get the tip of the needle stuck in the wire twists sometimes, which can be a pain.

One morning quite a while ago we had a freezing fog in the morning that came and frosted everything before dawn with these amazing crystals. This picture of some mushrooms was taken after the sun had come up and everything had started to melt.

 And here are some photos of more dwarves I've made:

You can see more pictures of Bofur here, and Thranduil on his ceremonial moose. The moose is actually an Irish elk, and what I used that wire skeleton for. Also there are two more pictures of Fili on the tumblr page of the girl I made him for.

And here's a bit of a peek at some posts I'll be doing soon. Having just moved (and into a studio apartment), I'm having to be very careful and organized about my storage. I have SO MUCH stuff, it's not even funny. Probably 80% of it is crafting stuff, and it doesn't help that I like to do so many things, so I have to have my felting and spinning supplies, sewing things, yarn for knitting and crochet, beading, photography, painting, drawing, watercolors, doodling, etc. 
ANYWAY *cough cough* I've been doing some organizing, and once it's all done, I plan on posting some images and ideas here, which will hopefully help other poor artistic souls who don't have the storage space they would like.

Also, my current needle felting project is veggie animals!!  Stay tuned... :)