Saturday, May 16, 2015

Salt Air - Demeter Fragrance Review

Disclaimer: For me, salt air means the Oregon Coast.

I didn't notice it until after I'd ordered the samples, but Demeter Fragrance's 'Salt Air' is meant to embody the smell of a tropical beach. As such, it definitely did not smell like the ocean to me. Now, although the Oregon beaches are my current ocean/salt air reference, I've also lived on the Atlantic coast of Central Florida, and Los Angeles.... this perfume didn't smell like those either. So take that as you will.

Sprayed on the paper, it instantly smelled tropical - but more on the floral side of things. I guess if it's  beach with lots of flowers to overpower the sea... 

On my skin, it was definitely very floral, with some green scents and possibly something woody (I couldn't identify it more than that). It had some notes that weren't floral, so it was still different from just a basic floral perfume, but not really anything that I would associate with the ocean.

This was the first fragrance where we really noticed a difference in how it interacted with our different skin chemistry. After a little while, it started to have a darker, almost smoky scent on Maggie, but on me it was lighter and crisper. 

Overall I was a little disappointed. It's not a bad smell, but it definitely does not smell anything like any shore I've been to. I wanted that salty, green, seaweed, maybe ever-so-slightly fishy smell that means I'm near the ocean. I really love the ocean, and absolutely adore the smell of the real salt air, so I guess I should have expected this one to not cut it for me!

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