Friday, May 15, 2015

Tomato - Demeter Fragrance Review

Sorry for the delay, life got busy, and my little sister graduated from college (Congrats!! I'm super proud of you!)

This time I'm reviewing the fragrance 'Tomato' (which is different from the one called 'Tomato Seed', which I didn't sample). From the bottle it definitely smelled like a perfume - but heavier than the Earl Grey, and it smelled quite sweet. Maggie said that it kind of smelled like tomatoes, but it might have been influenced by knowing what it was supposed to smell like!

On the paper, this one smelled quite a bit like tomatoes! I was surprised, considering that it's such a strange and particular scent. It definitely smelled more like the tomato vine and leaves than the fruit itself - like picking tomatoes instead of eating them. On the paper there seemed to also be a sort of cedar or pine scent in with the tomato, which for me ended up smelling a bit candle-like.

However, when it was on my skin, I didn't notice the pine/candle scent - it just smelled like tomato plants! As it faded, the scent mellowed and lost the sharp biting tomato scent, but it still smelled pleasantly green. Maggie liked it because it had a decidedly non-perfume smell. I really liked this one - so much so that I put on a little more before work, and then was smelling my wrists all morning!

A word of caution: while this fragrance does smell remarkably like tomatoes, don't go smelling any actual tomatoes while wearing it. The scent does not hold up in direct comparisons - there is something so unique and fresh about tomatoes that is hard to capture in a bottle. I look forward to using it during the winter months to remind me of the wonderful smell of picking tomatoes!

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