Friday, July 3, 2015

Embroidered Bookmarks

A few weeks ago I started working on a new embroidery project. I started by stretching a piece of muslin on an embroidery hoop, marking the shape/size of the bookmarks and sketching the images I wanted to fill in - Mt Hood with some California poppies, and Haystack Rock on the Oregon coast.

I started filling in sections with the embroidery thread - split in half so there were three threads on my needle. I didn't really use any particular stitch (that I know of), but tried to make the stitches directionally significant. In the sky I added some bits going in different directions to add interest to that large expanse.

For this one, I didn't get nearly as many progress photos! But I did it the same way.

Once I had finished the embroidery, I took the fabric off the hoop, ironed it gently, then pinned it to a backing fabric (a scrap of linen I had lying around). I used the machine to stitch a line around each bookmark, as close to the embroidery as I could get. This kept the front and back from sliding around as I cut out the bookmarks and finished the edges with a whip stitch in more embroidery thread.

All finished!

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