Saturday, May 21, 2011


So we made it up to Inverness and Loch Ness while we were in Scotland!!!!!

Inverness is a beautiful town, and was a lot of fun to walk around. And of course going to look for Nessie was a must! We lucked out and got a fairly cheap tour that included a bus to the loch, a 1/2 hour boat ride on the loch, a visit to Urquhart castle for about two hours, and then a bus back into town.

The River Ness at night

Inverness Castle - unfortunately it's currently in use as government buildings, so it's not one you can go exploring in :(

Me in my cool hat from Germany

The river and the cathedral during the day. It was lovely along the banks of the river - really nice paths, with lovely plants and flowers, especially since it's spring!

The black waters of Loch Ness

Urquhart Castle from the water

And from the other side...

This is back in Inverness, at the cathedral - all the trees around it were blossoming, and really lovely!!

We saw the most adorable little bunny on the hill under the castle in Inverness. I think he might be some sort of escaped pet, or descendant thereof, because he doesn't look like the normal wild rabbits you see.

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