Friday, October 5, 2012

Water Kelpie Costume sketch

The Scottish dancing group that M and I are a part of here is having their monthly social dance a week from tomorrow (!!). Since it's October, it will be a costume dance, and the idea is to come dressed 'as a dance'. 

Easier than it sounds - there are a lot of fun (and weird) dance names - Starry Eyed Lass, Witch's Brew, Haste to the Wedding, etc.  The one that I'm going for is 'The Water Kelpie'. Other than being a dance, a kelpie is a mystical water horse. Luckily for me (since I'm not a horse), they also can take the form of a woman wearing seaweed. 

The plan (so far) is to wear a skirt and top in appropriate colors, make some 'seaweed' out of some scraps of a shiny green fabric I have, and make webbed gloves from a pair of old tights (as long as I can find the ones I want to cut up). And then I'll dry and spike my hair, and do some epic green/blue makeup to finish the look. For the past several years I've done really intense costumes. And as much as I love doing large projects, I really just don't have the time. What with job searching and trying to expand my etsy shop, I need something a little more low-key. I'll post photos as I go ahead with this project.

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  1. This looks way cool! Didn't know you had found a dancing group in OR. I can't wait to see photos. -Meg