Friday, October 19, 2012

Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival part 2

In addition to all the wonderful yarns and fibers to be felt, and the adorable sheep and goats (and bunnies!), I also got to see some more about the fiber/spinning world. There were more vendors there than I was expecting, and so I got lots of business cards and information.

Here are a few of my favorite places I learned about :

Olympic Spinning Wheels - absolutely beautiful and wonderful spinning wheels. They are hand and custom made to the spinner's specification, with your choice of woods. The wheels have a very modern and unique design, but they're really fun to use. I got the chance to try one out at the festival, and it was very easy. Unfortunately they're a bit out of my range (since I'm only beginning), but for a second or third wheel they're really lovely.

Black Sheep Creamery - some of the most delicious sheep's cheese I've ever had. They had a whole range of flavors, which was nice. In addition to the cheese, they also sell some very nice wool.

Spindle Wood - some really beautiful wooden drop spindles. Again, slightly out of my price range at the minute, but still wonderful to look at and dream about.

There were loads more wonderful places, some which don't have websites, and some that I didn't grab a business card from, and so I can't remember what they're called. It was such a fun experience for me, though. I'm pretty new to the whole fiber world, and have been mostly self-taught, so it was incredible to be around so many people who love the things I do.

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