Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Spinning Update

I've been doing a lot of spinning recently. The first bit was really uneven and crazy, and also really thick, so I decided to split the roving in half again to get something closer to worsted weight. Also the submerging in hot water and stretching to dry really works well. So I have five skeins done, and three more drying at the minute (the room still smells of sheep, so I'm glad that M says she doesn't mind). 

Of the three that are drying, I have one more of that dark grey, one lighter grey that has really long and frizzy fibers, and one set of a mystery dyed roving. I bought the dyed roving at a yarn store that was going out of business - it's yellow and purple, with a bit of white and dark blue. Also, it's like spinning a cloud, it's that soft! Unfortunately, that seems to make it very difficult to spin evenly, so the first set is a bit lumpy, we'll have to see if it gets better. 

Now for some glamour shots of my yarn...

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