Sunday, February 20, 2011


A couple weeks ago now, we all went to Dublin from Thursday morning to Friday evening. It was really a lot of fun, and a great experience.
We went to A LOT of art museums and galleries. Some of them were really cool, but some were less than interesting (but that's just me and a lot of contemporary art!). It also got hard after so many hours of standing around and walking really slowly - for some reason the pace of being in a museum tends to make me sleepy after about two hours.

One of the museums had a lovely formal garden off to one side, though. So I got to escape  for a while and wander around outside.

There was a really interesting fountain in the garden - and art sculpture of some sort, of course!

It reminded me a lot of drippy sandcastles. Also crustaceans.

Umm.... Captain Cait?

There was also this really cool mural that was just sort of randomly in a parking lot.... Not entirely sure what it was all about, but it was pretty fantastic!

Selling cockles and mussles, alive alive-o

If anyone reading this does not know this song, please PLEASE go look it up! There were a surprising number of my classmates who had no idea why I was so excited that there was a Molly Malone statue.

There was a man doing sidewalk art, but it was really really impressive sidewalk art! I think he may have been using paints somehow, instead of chalk.

Trinity College

Dublin is a really pretty city. Unfortunately, most of my photos ended up blurry, since I was taking them whil walking around, and not paying much attention to focus.

This is Dublin Castle (the tower) with a cathedral attached to the side. It was sorta cool.. only you had to pay to get in, and had to take a guided tour (I hate guided tours) so I decided to pass. Also, it was kinda sad - there was a much more modern building attached to the other side of the castle, and the parking lot went right up to the base of the building. So it sort of ruined the whole feel of it, to be surrounded by pavement and really ugly buildings.

As we were walking from the castle back to the hostel, we passed this really interesting building.

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