Monday, February 7, 2011


So just a quick update - last night, there was a ceili in Kilfenora. It's a decent ways away, but we were able to get Brian to drive some of us over there in the bus. There's been a bit of Irish set dancing in the pub in Ballyvaughan, and I've been joining in a little bit. Last week the teacher was there, so a bunch of us got some good formal instruction in steps and figures. It's a bit different from the Scottish dancing I've been doing, but still loads of fun. The dance last night was great - about 14 of us from the college went, and there were a bunch of other people there, and live music. It went on for about two hours, and I think I danced in all the sets except for two (which I was glad to sit out, due to getting overheated!). I don't have any photos, but a couple other students from the college brought cameras, so I'm going to see if they got any good photos, and if I can get them on my computer. I really hope that we can go to more ceilis in the future, too!!!

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