Monday, April 6, 2015

Playing with liquid leaf

A while ago I got liquid silver, gold, and copper leaf. I wanted to try using metallics in my watercolor painting. I originally was only going to get silver, but I couldn't resist having a wider range!

I've used them a little on paper, but what I've really been enjoying is painting on ceramic shards. I have a few broken pieces of pottery that I've broken up further and smoothed the shards in my rock tumbler. I've been using those shards to make necklace pendants. Each original piece of pottery ends up providing several shards that are visually interesting, whether that's in shape, color, or both. However, I'm left with a large number of shards that aren't strong enough visually to stand on their own.

Enter the liquid metal leaf to embellish and improve them!

The liquid leaf is pretty easy to use, and SO SHINY. I did have to get a couple brushes to use specifically for the liquid leaf, so as to not ruin my nice watercolor brushes.

All of these are available on my Etsy store, where there are also more photos of each necklace.

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