Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Commission a painting SALE

I have a lot of canvases taking up space in my (rather small) apartment. I'd really like to clear up some of that storage space, so I thought I would open up commissions!

The way it works is that I will list the sizes of canvas I have, some photos of past works, and you can contact me in the comments, on my Facebook page, or through my private email if you already have it. Let me know what you would like to commission, and I will let you know if I can do it (there will be some things I will have to say no to, as I don't want to give you a sub-par painting!). You can also choose whether you want the painting to be strictly acrylic paint, or a mixed-media work with acrylic and fabric/lace scraps (examples below).

Pricing is pay-what-you-want, with a minimum of $10. That covers the cost of the canvas, paints, and shipping. If you would like to/are able to pay anything above that for my time, it would be greatly appreciated but not required. Mostly I just want to clear some space and make art for people.

List of canvas sizes available (I will update this as often as possible as they sell, but will be running this through several platforms so sorry for any discrepancies):

Example of my paintings (you can also see more here and here):


acrylic mixed media (fabric, lace, glitter ribbon, braided cord)

acrylic mixed media (lace) work-in-progress

acrylic mixed media (lace, burlap) work-in-progress




acrylic work-in-progress

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