Monday, January 3, 2011

London... sort of

Sorry, I don't have any photos from London. The whole thing was really a nightmare - Maggie was supposed to get in 20 minutes after me, early afternoon of New Year's Eve. We had a whole bunch of awesome things planned, like the Tower of London, going past Buckingham Palace, and seeing a choral performance at the Globe theatre. Alas, none of that happened. Due to lots of crazy blizzards in the upper Midwest, and some other unfortunate plane delays, Maggie's trip got re-routed at least twice, and she ended up flying  Fargo --> Minneapolis --> Detroit --> Paris --> London   and landed four hours before our train up to Durham on the first, but didn't get out of customs, baggage, etc until just under three hours before, and we still had to grab something to eat and get over to the train station.

We have plans for another London trip some point in the future, on not as tight a schedule, and perhaps not in the middle of winter :)

We did make it to King's Cross on time, and I was really excited to go try and get into platform 9 3/4, but since our train was not going from either platform 9 or 10, we couldn't go past that set of ticket barriers. I did have a look, though, and I couldn't see any wall that I could have run into anyway. What I could see of the train station was pretty cool - some nice brickwork and stuff. Unfortunately, it's all under construction at the minute, so those parts were hard to find, and mostly it was tarps and temporary plastic walls and plywood. Not as romantic as I had imagined.

It was very nice to finally get to Durham, and not have to do any crazy traveling for at least a few days. I have some pictures from our trip into town today, but I'll put those in another post.


  1. Hopefully the rest of your trip will be much, much better!

  2. sorry new years eve didn't work out. I'm still super excited for your trip as a whole. can't wait to read more and see more pictures. love you!

  3. Hey Caitlin! Hope you had a great time visiting Maggie and her family in Durham. Sorry New Years didn't turn out so great- I hope the rest of the visit was better. Can't wait to hear more about your travels and about your school in Ireland!